Why did henry viii closed down the monasteries essay

Why did Henry dissolve the monasteries Paper

Henry liked power and he did not like the amount of power that the Roman Catholic Church had over England. Those houses that did not have such contacts were effectively doomed. As well as getting money by breaking away from the church he also had another reason, he had a quarrel with pope Gregory because Henry wanted a divorce from Catherine of Aragon since she could not produce a male heir since she was too old and at that time they did not believe in divorce so his pledge was refused by pope Gregory.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Henry turned most of the monasteries into palaces and homes for the wealthy court members. This was the official line that was expressed in the dissolution act of however this argument carries little weight as by all the monasteries had been dissolved; therefore it could not be an attempt to reform and is more likely a resolute move towards Protestantism.

This was a full-scale undertaking to examine just how much property was owned by the Church in England and Wales.

Now Cromwell ordered that his men should do them. They had either died or left the order.

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The pope could easily ask one to attack England and overthrow Henry. He saw money from England going to taxes in Rome and he resented the Pope having such an influence on his country. October The Pilgrimage of Grace - a rebellion against the dissolution of the monasteries led by lawyer Robert Aske.

There are many arguments to do with economics, power, popularity, religion and finally succession and his personal life. Would you like to merge this question into it? The whole approach to religious houses changed in The closure of the houses could be viewed as an attempt to stop the abuses that could arise in monasticism and so emphasising the good work continued in the remaining houses.

If you want to suck a near essay, modulate it on our website: These payments made the Catholic Church extremely unpopular with many people as they thought it was morally wrong. They found that some monks and nuns had become lazy and greedy and so, Henry closed them down.

The value of English money was still falling, the buying power of English coins declined and the kings income stretched less and less far. In this paragraph, I will be talking about Henry and the divorce.

At the clip Henry thought he was office to do this. All income of the church would therefore be taken by the crown. When Henry had become king in there were more than religious houses in England and Wales.

IN effect Henry had bought the rich, Catholics and Protestants alike. Henry and Catherine only surviving child was a girl Mary IHenry wanted a son to succeed him on the thrown and Catherine was unable to give him anymore children.

Open houses meant that the occupants worked with the local sick and provided, for example, teachers for boys in the local community. Weakning the catholic church as a primary influence, giving rise to the church of England as the primary religion.

Henry put Thomas Cromwell in charge of getting rid of the monasteries. The Abbot of Glastonbury led what was a very wealthy monastery, one of the wealthiest in England.

To be able to close the monasteries Henry needed a reason, so, he bad mouthed the catholics by saying that they believed in the wrong things and that they were greedy.

He realised that this left him in a weak position. The Pope will not let him. OK, this is a long story you cognize further ill try my silk hat to keep it succinct.King Henry VIII Essay - Henry Tudor, the son of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth York, was born on June 28, Henry had six siblings but only three survived: Arthur, Margaret, and Mary.

Arthur was older than Henry and was expected to. Henry closed down the monasteries so he could collect the taxes as he just wanted more money basicly! Between & Henry VII closed down all the monasteries in England.

Monasteries were destroyed, their contents and wealth confiscated (& given to the king) & those who opposed this were hanged/5(1). Aug 23,  · henry septetI treasured the monastries wealth. This was something that encouraged a implication of rulers in Europe to recession with Rome.

These monasteries were dissolved by King Henry VIII of England in the Dissolution of the ultimedescente.com list is by no means exhaustive, since over religious houses existed before the Reformation, and virtually every town, of any size, had at least one abbey, priory, convent or friary in it.

Henry VIII wanted the monastries' wealth. This was something that encouraged a number of rulers in Europe to break with Rome. At the time, the amount of property (real estate) owned by the church. In the ’s the king of England was Henry VIII. He had already broken up with the Catholic Church and the Pop.

He had made himself head of the Church of England.

Why did henry viii closed down the monasteries essay
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