The main features of tsunamis and its effects

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Earthquakes: collateral effects

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Tsunamis: main features

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The quake destroyed about 5, homes and killed 3, people, the vast majority as a result of tsunami waves.

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

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Construction in which the exterior load-bearing and nonload-bearing walls and partitions are of unfired clay masonry units, and floors, roofs and interior framing are wholly or partly of wood or other approved materials. This quake, together with the Good Friday earthquake Alaskaand the Great Chilean earthquakeaccount for almost half of the total moment.

Prepare your home

What really happens to your home during an earthquake? The student knows the impact of human activities on the environment. This is not a cable-supported structure.A megatsunami is a very large wave created by a large, sudden displacement of material into a body of water.

Megatsunamis have quite different features from other, more usual types of tsunamis are caused by underwater tectonic activity (movement of the earth's plates) and therefore occur along plate boundaries and as a result of.

Phuket, with its good infrastructure and numerous worldclass hospitals, became a regional centre for the disaster (together with Takuapa north of Khaolak).Accordingly Phuket became a media focus, but the distinction between the damage to the island itself and its responsibilities as a tsunami help centre quite honestly became totally blurred.

Science Marches On

In the open ocean, tsunamis have extremely long wavelengths (the distance from one wave crest to the next wave crest) which can be between and km, whereas normal ocean waves have wavelengths of only 30 or 40 meters.

A tsunami (IPA: /(t)sʊˈnɑːmi/) is a series of waves created when a body of water, such as an ocean, is rapidly displaced. Earthquakes, mass movements above or below water, volcanic eruptions and other underwater explosions, landslides, large meteorite impacts, and nuclear weapons testing at sea all have the potential to generate a tsunami.

A tsunami can have a range of effects. The Moon.


Anime and Manga. Osamu Tezuka did a couple of Astroboy stories featuring the title character visiting the moon in the s. One of which featured the moon having a breathable atmosphere in the daytime that froze solid when the. Hurricanes, Tsunamis, and Other Natural Disasters (Kingfisher Knowledge) [Andrew Langley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Explore the most catastrophic natural events that have shocked the .

The main features of tsunamis and its effects
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