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As with all mystical writings, whether by the Saints, the Kabbalists or the Dervishes, or by those who merely aspire to mysticism, it is a purely personal communication, so personal that, with some of you with different upbringing or outlook, it may not strike the right chord to lead you through to a similar understanding.

Then we are raised, but left in a state of wondering bewilderment: Fentum High Priest at the Institutional Ceremony. In fact, it would no longer be mystical but purely allegorical, because the essence of a mystical teaching is to give man a glimpse of what lies beyond death and to show him its intimate connection with what lies this side of death: This first injunction would be quite unnecessary in the East.

In the greater part of the text, this subject is only glossed over: Notwithstanding the small verbal part given to the Second and Third Principals, the Royal Arch chapter is a true triumvirate, in the same way as the Craft lodges are autocracies: For instance, Abraham Abulafia and many other kabbalists meditated on the famous three verses of the 14th chapter of Exodus, verses 19, 20 and 21 which, in Hebrew, have 72 letters each.

The Symbolical Lecture is in fact a transposition in the life hereafter of the lectures on the working tools of this life as given in the Craft Royal arch research paper.

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Hanmer was a member of the Lodge of Antiquity No 4 in London. Companions, this Paper is intended to be of no more than a 10 minute duration. This is a real life, and the certitude of its existence is ingrained in us from tradition, from education and upbringing, as well as from a sort of sixth sense supplementing the common sense reasoning that life on earth, with all its tribulations, would be pointless if there were no form of life or existence hereafter.

Longer Papers of a symbolic and philosophical nature will also be presented for discussion and publication. Grand High Priest Dibble of California, who at the age of seventy made the long arduous journey to learn the work was sorely disappointed.

This sign also implies that we should look inwards instead of outwards as we usually do: I presume they were referring to the esoteric work!

This meeting was judiciously held in Hartford, Connecticut on January 24th That alone should be sufficient proof of the Oneness of God. The charities are the Royal Arch Research Assistance Program which supports the work in auditory problems of hearing dysfunctions in children.

The only variance is in the Name Itself, which naturally is the one which phonetically fits the language of, and inspires the greatest emotional uplift to the particular race of men to whom that religion or mystery is the guide of their life and the ordinances of their Creator.

As will be seen later, there is, in my opinion, a very good reason for separating the three Craft or blue degrees from the Royal Arch ceremony; for the blue degrees take us through our experiences during our life on this earth and the Royal Arch then tries to initiate us into the Grand Mystery of the Life hereafter.

The first part seems to be an independent theme; the second, a brief interlude at a quicker pace, setting the listener in the right frame of mind to receive the thunderous chromatics of the third and final movement. This will allow our Being to pass into room No. Alas, the enormous difficulty of materialising what can only be a spiritual revelation of the Shekinah Glory or Divine Immanence, has usually rendered both the mystics and their sayings quite unintelligible to their fellow men, and many suffered martyrdom because they were so misunderstood that they were actually taken to be heretics of their own faith, the very faith in which they were trying so hard to instil a new and more vigorous life.

It is put to tasks which do not belong to it. After having prepared our body by the first section of the Mystical Lecture, which I shall call the Penitential or Ascetic section, we can turn inwards and look at our soul, the seat of our emotions.

If the major religions of the World display a striking similarity of aim and purpose, when you come to the more illuminated mystics, such as St.It looks like you're after Bro David Cook's excellent paper "Masonic Astronomy and the Royal Arch of the Heavens". The file used to be stored on this site for direct download, but some tinfoil hat wearing consipracy crackpot posted a link to it from his site, and the subsequent mass of downloads caused our site to crash.

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PS Review of Freemasonry. This paper reexamines the Landmarks specified by Mackey and Pound. It establishes the criteria which these two authors established to define the individual Landmarks of the fraternity and determines whether these criteria were followed.

Thomas Smith Chapter of Research - Warranted by the The Grand Chapter of the State of New York, Royal Arch Masons for Royal Arch Research as the first Royal Arch Chapter to be solely devoted to Royal Arch research and scholarship.

Masonic Papers, Articles, and Poems. Databases of On-Line Papers, Essays, Articles, and Lectures, and Similar Material Regarding Freemasonry Centre for Research into Freemasonry’s database of papers, University of Sheffield. Royal Arch Educational Minutes capitular glossary from the Grand Chapter of New York.

The title of this paper does not imply that mysticism is confined in Masonry to the Royal Arch alone, and that there is none in the Craft degrees. The charities are the Royal Arch Research Assistance Program which supports the work in auditory problems of hearing dysfunctions in children.

The DeMolay Endowment Fund provides Scholarships. The General Grand Chapter also provides support to the affiliated Grand Chapter by way of Capitular Education through publications and its Royal Arch.

Royal arch research paper
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