Reflective essay on effective communication in nursing

Can it be described in relation to the approaches of Egan, Roger, Heron, or another model of communication Eg Developing rapport with a person, and identifying an issue to work on Developing a goal with the person Helping the person find a way towards their goal. These developments demonstrated total breakdown of communication and coordination of the healthcare services.

Good communication helps to build a therapeutic relationship which is central to nursing Collins, Interpersonal communicating is encountered most frequently in nursing situations, often by means of face-to-face communication, or in small groups.

Some became abusive and even threatened violence. Discuss this in relation to the literature on nursing. I believe that the whole experience of the situation has helped my own personal awareness in regards to how important communication is in nursing.

In using a reflective approach, what is the evidence for using reflection in nursing practice? I have found on a daily basis that patients become can frustrated when they cannot communicate what they want, and I was sure that with my strong accent I would come across as harsh. It is the right model of reflection for me to look back and learn from my experiences.

Collaborating for Optimal Health. Are there other theories and ideas of human motivation and development?

Reflective account on practice-communication

What was the incident? Reflection in nursing practice enhances effective care and therapeutic process Parker, By discharging all the patients without helping them solve their health problems, the management demonstrated an uncaring attitude and lack of sensitivity to their health needs.

What was so important about this experience? Discuss the importance of communication in nursing. Although my confidence in speaking to patients is always growing, I am more appreciative of how much more effective my body language, and the tone of my voice can be when communicating with a patient with dementia.

The discussion must be based upon sound evidence relevant to personal practice and experience, as well as a range of literature sources including appropriate research. Kenworthy et al imply that it is easy to equate the message with words and overlook other forms of communication, such as posture, gestures, tone of voice, and intonation.

Relating this to how we communicate as nurses in the clinical setting What is person centred communication? Also there was apparent security lapse for the relatives to the patients were left in the wards for unnecessarily long time.

Communication in Nursing Essay Sample

Polly was not deaf, nor was she a child and I kept it in my mind that this patient was still a scared lady who had broken a big part Reflective essay on effective communication in nursing her body and was in a large amount of pain.

What happened in the ward was a portrayal of lack of information on the part of the client on what is expected of him or her while in hospital admission.

As a health care giver I should have used the client-centered approach for it forms the cornerstone of collaborative association between the nurse and client in the quest to resolve healthcare problems Arnold, Relate this to literature on self-awareness and reflection. This was a feeling that I had encountered through his non-verbal communication, as he always addressed my entrance into his cubicle with a nervous smile and sadness in his eyes during this period of incubation, though he never said that he had felt this way.

As I approached Mr Jacobs with all the items that I needed, it was evident that he still looked confused. This will amplify the attitude of the nurse being an active listener, as well as showing interest in what information is conveyed. The Code of Conduct for nurses, our accountability and duty of care to our patients.

There are various practical tools that are supposed to guide both staff in all cadres, patients and families in order to maintain both best practices and obtain optimum results in healthcare provision. Did it help deal with an emotional issue for staff? Do they communicate sufficiently with patients?

Interpersonal Communication in Nursing: In this context I will adopt the five stages of reflective cycle as given by Gibbs Jasper, Description I had just reported to duty at the hospital and since I was the shift leader I commenced the routine ward rounds.

This means that no one cared so much about the state of the patients for that long hence a leeway for the incident. Effective communication with the patients and families forms a cornerstone for providing quality healthcare Planetree,p. Is reflection recommended by our professional bodies, educational institutions and health organisations?

Having effective communication skills is therefore an imperative. What is the evidence for the effectiveness of PCC? Patient was admitted 3 weeks prior to students start date and remained on ward after students finishing date.

Personally I would always wake patients like Polly who require the attention of more than one member of staff last as it is better to leave the patient to sleep so that they are well rested.

These are all physical attributes that could be observed through non-verbal communication.Reflection On Communication In Experiencing Mental Illness Nursing Essay.

Print Reference remembering the importance of effective communication, and also the ability to look back at an experience and break it down to discover what really happened.

Royal College of Nursing. Taylor, B.J () Reflective Practice: A guide for. Effective Communication Skills in Nursing Essay. A. Pages Words This is just a sample. We will write a custom essay sample on Effective Communication Skills in Nursing specifically for you For effective communication the nurse will need to respect the patient’s beliefs and values and communicate at a level that the patient.

reflective essay on person-centred communication in nursing.

Reflective Essay on Communication

Order Description. reflective essay on person-centred communication in nursing there will be a scenario, you can change on it in way that will help you to write. an reflect on it. try to use the up-dated references. A REFLECTIVE ESSAY This is a reflective essay based on a event which took place in a hospital setting.

The aim of this essay is to explore how members of the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) worked together and communicate with each other to achieve the best patients outcome.

The nature of the nursing profession makes it indivisible with communication for an effective nurse practitioner must get involved in daily communication. In this context I will adopt the five stages of reflective cycle as given by Gibbs (Jasper, ). Reflective Account on Practice Word Count 2, Introduction Elliss, Gates and Kenworthy (), state that good communication is fundamental to effective nursing practice.

Communication is defined by Weller () as listening, reading, speaking and writing, and in the healthcare setting these are generally listening and giving .

Reflective essay on effective communication in nursing
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