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By requiring your unit to adhere to standards, you ensure that every Individual and every piece of equipment will be combat ready. It is better to find these issues than not find them, but if fixing them requires desynchronizing a larger operation, the solution may be worse than the problem.

This refinement applies to leadership at all echelons, starting with team leaders. Battalion-level units must ensure that basic PCC checklists are developed and validated at company level. Generally there is one of two reasons a soldier requires an on-the spot correction.

Checks and Inspections also help you to bond with your Soldiers. Time must Also be available for corrective actions should an individual or item fail the inspection. Your superiors will order inspections to see that soldiers have all the equipment and clothing issued to them and that it is serviceable.

Checks and inspections are your No. PCC s, especially when codified, written and followed to the letter, catch these mistakes before they cost lives and before they fail missions.

When instructing leaders, a list of specifics without a general discussion is less useful than a general discussion without specifics. FMCommand and Control, simply states unit preparation includes pre-combat checks and Inspections to ensure units, soldiers, and systems are fully capable and ready to Execute.

When Soldiers understand how their role affects the greater mission, they are more likely to PCC themselves and their battle buddies.

They are there to show that "PCCs are being done"--but are they, really? However, without instruction on the theory behind the action, how can a young leader provide that refinement? It stops a unit from making itself a victim through preventable errors. Once established, the engineer leader must ensure that the checks and inspections Are performed before and after combat operations.

A command inspection Takes place at the local command level, including the platoon and company. The two are too often confused in practice; there must be special emphasis in doctrine to clarify their differences. Use this tool for making the quickest and often most effective corrections to deficiencies in training or standards.

Of particular note, it should be clear that PCC s occur at all levels as an individual task, Proper pci pcc that PCI s occur at all leader levels, to include team leaders and squad leaders.

They are the earmarks of a good organization and one you should be a proud member of. The following scenarios are observed at almost every offensive battle: PCCs are often treated more like an inventory instead of a check to ensure that all the equipment is ready for the mission.

These include command Inspections, staff inspections, and inspector general inspections. Charges will not reach far enough on either side of the line main to reach all the mines that need to be destroyed to open the lane. From long experience, the Army has found that some soldiers, if allowed to, will become careless and lax in the performance of minor barrack duties in their unit.

There are two types of inspections that u can conduct To ensure that you r soldiers are adhering to the standards.

A breakdown at any level in the process creates a hole whereby failure can slip through. Inspection programs at various unit levels in the chain of command help determine The status and mission readiness of the unit and its subunits.

The preceding recommendations aim to keep the net as tightly woven as possible. Sharp appearance, efficient performance and excellent maintenance are important considerations that affect you directly.

One of the most effective administrative corrective measures is on-the-spot correction. Should a soldier fall below the Army standard of performance, you can be assured that someone will notice those deficiencies immediately.

One of the most effective methods of correcting a failure to meet standards is an on the- Spot correction. When if demolitions are checked, branch line lengths are seldom checked after the demolitions have been primed.

Equipment will still be broken. In correcting Soldiers, it is essential that you lead by personal example.

Proper Pci /Pcc

Notes 1 Department of the Army, FM Pre-execution checks ensure that all planning and prerequisite training soldier, leader and collective are complete prior to the execution of training.

When building PCI s into the timeline, they must be planned with enough time to fix any deficiencies should they be found. This provides grounding in the specific and promotes independence in the general.

Step 4 is the most logical place.Pre-Combat Inspection (PCI) Individual PCI Checklist Leader PCI? ACH Helmet (IAW BDE SOP)? Graphics/ GRG (PCC) Before PRE MISSION COMBAT CHECKS: Ensure the proper mounting bracket for your specified. Units need to have a standard PCC/PCI checklist.

It should be included in the tactical standard operating procedures (TACSOP) and issued to all leaders. It should include daily checks and checks. Nov 20,  · pcc/pci. Pre-combat checks (PCCs) / Pre-combat inspections (PCIs) and Pre-execution checks are key to ensuring leaders, trainers and soldiers are adequately prepared to execute operations and training to Army standard.

Pre-Combat checks and inspections allow leaders to prevent small problems from escalating to big problems.

PCC's, PCI's and PEC's ensure that all leaders and soldiers are prepared and ready for the mission. These inspections shows care for your troops, and maintains discipline and morale.

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Proper pci pcc
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