Novel the curse write about the theme of family love

Although she is not perfect and has some negative characteristics, she has even more positive characteristics. They became good friends Azreen is also a determined person.

Conservative compared to her sister, Azreen. Azreen is not proud and does not put on airs although she is studying in London. Azreen did not believe the villagers who claimed that the Old Lady could turn anyone into squirrels or rats as well as cook and eat them for dinner.

Envious of her adopted sister, Madhuri. She finds consolation in the company of the Old Lady, an outcast of the village.

He loved his family very much and that is why he worked hard on the farm. Azreen returns from London to mourn the death of her sister, Madhuri. Awang also confirms that he had seen Madhuri and Mohd Asraf together several times in the rubber estate. I like Azreen because she is responsible.

Azreen, on the other hand, is headstrong and rebellious, and as a result, often gets punishment. At first, she wanted to help Asraf out from the wicked farm owner, Mr. For example, many villagers call upon Awang, the village shaman to avert disasters.

Even though she only stayed with them for a short period of time, she still maintains a good relationship with them.

She was very close to the Old Lady until she told her all her secrets. From this, I learnt to be courageous in order to speak and act according to what I think is right. Using details from the novel you have studied, describe how it has taught you to be a responsible person.

She always studies hard. The story is set in the present day and covers the space of a few months. Each and every character in this novel has the desire to love and to be loved.

Wednesday, July 9, The Curse: Saleh collapses and dies of a heart attack. She is also a resourceful person and she is a good cook and her recipes and secret ingredients are very much sought after. Asraf goes out to get some traditional medicine.

In his fury, he kills Madhuri and her body knocks over the latex-filled container. The second evidence is when Azreen bravely takes the blame for Mohd Asraf in the bull incident.

I saw Azreen as a very courageous person in this situation and agree to what she had done. This shows that Azreen is very courageous for accepting the Old Lady for what she is.

I admire Azreen because she has many positive characteristics. A polite and caring daughter. Asraf during school days. When Asraf approaches The Old Lady for help, she is hesitant about going back to the village. Haji Ghani The village headman who fell for Madhuri and took her as his second wife.

She even applied for a scholarship in an effort to leave the village.Aug 05,  · Write on a character that show responsibility in her or his actions Based on the Novel “The Curse” by Lee Sue Ann, the c THE CURSE SAMPLE ANSWER (THEME) Theme Write on the theme of love ‘The Curse’ written by Lee Su Ann touches on many aspects of life.

The theme of a book is a common topic for book reports. Learn how to understand and interpret a the theme of a book with this guide. For example, a romance novel may have the very obvious, but very general theme of love, but the storyline may also address issues of society or family.

Many stories have a major theme, and several minor themes. Aug 01,  · Theme of The Curse Novel Love Parental love > Salleh Abdullah and his wife love Madhuri dearly like their own biological daughter.

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Subscribe to. Based on the novel above, write about an interesting relationship between two characters. about how the characters show their love for family. Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.

One of themes in this novel is love. How is this theme portrayed in this novel? Documents Similar To The Curse Exam Module. English /5(2). Nov 06,  · Write on the theme of love ‘The Curse’ written by Lee Su Ann touches on many aspects of life.

Basically, all the aspects revolve around our own community and can be. The Curse: Setting The Curse: Theme of Family Love “Family love is important.” Using details from the novel you have studied, state wh PT3 "Moby Dick" Character I admire - Captain Ahab Based on the novel you have read, write about the novel’s theme of handling one’s challenges with courage.

Give evidence from the text.

Novel the curse write about the theme of family love
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