Holden caulfield in catcher in the rye essay

Lastly, Holden does not learn how to think out his actions. When Maurice, the pimp, hurts Holden and steals his money, Holden pretends that he had been shot in the stomach and his guts were falling out.

Catcher in the Rye Essay on the Immaturity of Holden Caufield

He judges others whilst categorizing them by material standards yet is compassionate and a strong analytical brain. In The Catcher in the Rye essay, the main character Holden suffers a loss that ultimately changes his attitude towards life and ability to form relationships.

But when the time comes for Holden to have sex, he is to nervous and makes up an excuse to get out of it. He disregards the dangers that come with walking down the street rather than the sidewalk.

He does not even know her but he wants to have sex with her. Then when Holden gets to the hotel Maurice offers Holden a hooker and he accepts. There are a lot of motifs that Holden uses throughout the book. B, he exaggerates so that the audience believe that his sibling is better than he possibly is.

That was a bad decision because when his parents will have found out he would have been in even more trouble for not telling them. Social, Cultural and Historical As this book was written by an American, there is a lot of information and extra details contained in it which are of an American style or culture.

Holden also shows hostility to Stradlater when he believes that him and his childhood friend, Jane Gallagher, have had some sort of sexual relation. He has ideals that he sets for himself but he never follows through. Firstly Salinger portrays Holden to be considerate towards his family and the minute amount of true friends he has.

It is almost as if Holden is asking why it had to happen. Throughout the whole novel, Holden fantasizes about killing people, he is baffled by sex, and he does not think out his actions. Holden wonders what happens to the ducks at the central park lagoon during winter.

The act of "make believe" is a coping mechanism. In the telling, everyone has become a distant, old memory.

The Catcher In the Rye: Symbolism

The first weakness to note about the character of Holden Caulfield is his judgemental tendencies. We meet her, when Holden sneaks into his house at night and finds Phoebe asleep in his older brother D.

They are physical elements that Holden has held in his mind since his brother died. For instance when Ackley kept picking his personal stuff up at Pency. This academia was first published 3 Oct and last revised 18 Feb There are two instances when the symbolism plays out.

Holden provokes Stradlater to attack him, knowing that he is no match for him. The use of formal language not only stresses what Holden is saying even more but also shows that he is educated and polite.

Holden is also shown to categorize people by age groups. Although the pimp beats him up and the prostitute takes his money, Holden continues to hurl insults at the man until he can no longer speak.

This is a weak point as it shows his mind not only forces him to categorise but make premature judgements as well. Holden has relationships with many different people throughout the book. For instance Phony is a word used repeatedly throughout the whole of the book by Holden. Finally Salinger uses exaggeration to portray the character of Holden Caulfield so that his strengths and weaknesses are clear to the audience.I am writing an essay on Holden Caulfield's depression in The Catcher in the Rye.

At the moment, I am trying to create a tangible link between Holden's depression and Allie's death. This has proved more difficult than expected, due to Holden's lack of deep thought analysis.

The novel Catcher in the Rye explores how adult life appears complex and incomprehensible to teenagers on the brink of entering it. Through the main protagonist Holden Caulfield, J.D. Salinger captures the confusion of a teenager when faced with the challenge of adapting to an adult society.

The Catcher In The Rye Essay Examples.

The Character Holden Caulfield in “The Catcher in the Rye” Essay Sample

total results. The Struggles of Holden Caulfield in the Novel, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. words. A Literary Analysis of the Catcher in the Rye by Holden Caulfield. 1, words. 3 pages. How Holden Caulfield Deals with Alcohol, Sex and Violence in Catcher in the Rye by J.

D. This article focuses on symbolism in catcher in the rye. This is an essay that shows the symbolism in The Catcher in the Rye. Catcher in the Rye at a Glance. Catcher in the Rye is a book written by J.D. Salinger in It follows the story of Holden Caulfield, a year-old adolescent boy.

Holden Caulfield in “The Catcher in the Rye” Essay Sample. Holden’s favourite saying is “if you really want to know the truth.” I am going to give my views on what I feel to be “the truth” about Holden Caulfield.

Holden has relationships with many different people throughout the book. In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher is the Rye, the protagonist Holden Caufield emerges from a trying and emotional series of events and does not grow emotionally but remains as immature as he was at the beginning of the novel.

The story is about the difficulties of growing up.

Holden caulfield in catcher in the rye essay
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