Greece and persia essay

Slaves who were in debt by not being able to pay back their lend or lost their freedom also had to work the land. Greece consisted of several city states, some like Sparta who had more power than the rest of the city-states; Spartan men began their military training at the young age of 7.

The differences in their political systems and their ability to be unified are very amazing. Sparta had been involved in the Athenian internal politics and had tried to establish the tyrant Hippias back on the Athenian throne, afraid that an Athenian democracy would be dangerous for the Spartan society.

Unlike the Persians, the Greeks had a democracy. At the same time, Demaratus, former king of Sparta, had found refuge with the Persians and had received, in compensation for his services, several cities in Asia Minor. However, if one follows on Herodotus and his the Histories as the main source of information, this will need to be nuanced.

The Empire would thus benefit from the momentum behind all its previous victories: These wars lasted for twenty years, the Greeks won with the leadership of Alexander the Great, and the Persians never fought the Greeks again. Many cities contained a tyrant who controlled and governed at their own will.

Greece and Persia Essay

Military Although these great nations differed greatly, they still had various similarities; of the similarities the two empires shared were their very strong and powerful military forces.

The Greeks focused on ship building, farming, and making pottery. Persians also relied greatly on trade. This gradually transformed the primarily Asian Persian Empire to a Mediterranean power, especially with its enlargement during Darius the Great who conquered parts of Libya.

If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: He set up their principles for the Persian government that was later passed down. The domination of politics and agitation due to wealth by small groups of families was the approximate cause for the fall of the city-states.

The Greek infantryman went into battle in a well organized formation; carrying an 8 to foot spear and a helmet often made of bronze. Both Hipias and Demaratus brought their contributions in the identification of the weak spots in the Greek Peninsula and provided valuable strategic and tactical insight.

The Greeks traded throughout the Mediterranean Basin and their colonies, as the cities in the Peninsula, were very rich. Orderessay If you want to get a full essay, wisit our page: In antiquity, defeat of a nation-state would be equivalent to huge material gains that went from the provisions and gold in the city itself to selling its people into slavery.

Although they were conquered by Persia, Greece is the origin of many effects that has exalt and shaped the world today. Darius would adopt different rules and laws from the places he conquered.

Compare and Contrast on Greece and Persian Empire

With this mechanism in place, it could coagulate large armies, maneuver them efficiently and use the strategic and tactical advantages to win in battle and in war campaigns. The economy, especially in Greece, relied on imported goods from other places.

Peasant families worked the make for and handed a portion of the crop to the owner. Both Persia and Greece had poor agriculture because of the geography. In the policy-making system there was no unity or society when it came to politics.

Aristotle divided the government systems into monarchies, oligarchies, tyrannies, and democracies, but for the most part it was democracy. At this time, however, the Greeks were the primary political and economical force in the Mediterranean Basin and it would be natural that the expansion of another empire would collide with their interests.

Greece in those times was not a single political entity but rather a collection of some 1, separate cities scattered round the Mediterranean and Black Sea shores. Some of the governments of the city-states were similar to Persian government. The Greeks carried a short sword called a Xiphos and the Persians carry a Kopis, a Persian short sword.

In Persia, they built the Persian Royal Road. They became the largest empire in the world even before they were unified. Greece had many great leaders who helped them achieve greatness like Alexander the Great.

They were similar and different in so many ways. This had train to the The people voted directly for their leader; they had a direct democracy.

The Persian infantryman was not as well equipped as the Greeks. The city-states had many issues with one another but they had to unite to fight off the Persians because the Persians were double their size.

He systematized taxation, standardized weights, measures, improved transportation routes, royal trading ships, promotion of agriculture, a banking system, and promotion of international trade. On the other hand, this was also a good moment for Darius I to attack Greece because of the internal political problems that both Athens and Sparta, the most important powers in Greece at that point, faced.Greek & Persia The causes of the Greek-Persian War can best be divided into primary and secondary causes.

The primary causes come with the founding and subsequent immediate expansion of the Persian Empire under Cyrus the Great. Below is an essay on "Compare And Contrast Greece And Persia" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Over the years Greece and Persia have had many conflicts and rivalry between the two dating back to the before Christ era. Persian Empire was the most powerful state in the world.

Ruled from Persia (now Iran) by the King, went from Egypt to Indian. Greece was never an empire, only an alliance of. Ancient Greece may have been very great and powerful but it wasn’t able to be unified.

City-states fought each other frequently, unlike Persia which was a much unified empire. We will write a custom essay sample on. Greece vs Persia Essay Comparative Essay Ancient Greece and Persia had many differences and some similarities.

In the political and economic aspect, there are more differences than similarities, such as their economy, type of government, etc.

Sparta and Persia in the Ancient World. An Analysis of Military, Religion and Government. Sparta and Persia are two cultures with a lot of history between them.

The Spartan. civilization existed in Ancient Greece. Sparta was a city of Laconia of Peloponnese. located in Southern Greece at the.

Greece and persia essay
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