Gillette indonesia swot analysis

The success story follows up until now. Gillette has provided innovation to its customer for a years and counting. Exchange favorable policies of India benefited Gillette as well. View Full Essay Executive Summary This paper investigates Gillette, a world leader in consumer shaving products, and its drive to expand market share in the emerging market of Indonesia in Conclusion Gillette has been operating in the market for more than a year and through innovation, it has still captured the demand of the customers even through tough competition.

In comparison, Gillette was reasonable for customers, providing comfortable and updated techniques required by the audience.

Gillette that firm would stop the production of razors when there is no more room for innovation. Technological Factors The introduction of laser technology for hair removal also proved to be indirect competitor for Gillette.

The first razor produced in had the finest, disposable blade which even the MIT-trainers could not build at that time. Gillette entered Indonesia inand built a local manufacturing facility in Some factors however are beyond its control.

About time Gillette has also introduced products for women, in the market. Data is also provided on increases in sales and sales volume based on current expected projections and those of percent sales volume growth.

Increasing the marketing spend should be directed towards reaching first time shavers as well as educating current shavers on the benefits of premium products. India had many targeted audience and potential audience to make more sales and profits, due to which the economic growth is increased due to Gillette contribution.

Gillette provided them with complete package including other products and services as well. Political Factors Just like every other company, Gillette is also abided by the governmental rules and regulations.

Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Pestle Analysis of Gillette

Social Factors Gillette provided with the most comfortable shave with innovative features introduced to the razors, for male and female. Gillette Indonesia — Marketing Case 9 pages words This is a preview content. There are many factors affecting Indonesian demand for shaving products.

The companys aim was geographic expansion and growth with the major drivers being research and development, advertising and capital expenditure.

Inentry into and development of new markets were considered essential. Gillette should consider reducing its product variety to focus customer attention. Introduction Gillette was founded inand was the world leader in blades and razors, in addition to nine other consumer product categories Quelch, However, due to its innovation Gillette can easily beat competitors in the market.

Income statement projections are provided for Via its marketing strategy Gillette can directly influence the shaving habits of consumers. Gillette offers to its customer a wide variety of categories to choose from, such as: Acknowledging the technological factors Gillette makes sure to produce products using new technological changes.

Economic Factors Gillette grabbed the opportunity to enter the market of India and have a prestigious place.Feb 08,  · In Indonesia, Gillette’s product line consisted of three types of double-edge blades, two trypes of disposables, and three systems blades called the GII, the Contour and the Sensor.

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Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next. 5/5(3). Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Gillette Indonesia Swot Analysis. Free Essay: SQ Gillette Indonesia Marketing Plan Table of Contents 1.

Executive summary 3 2. Situation analysis 4 Market summary 4 analysis The approach this case was given is to analyze what scenario is more profitable to the coming year of sales: To analyze if the current expansion of the Indonesian market by it self is aligning to the current predictions and.

Gillete Case Analysis - Mario Castro 10, views. Share; Like; Download they could boost unit sales to % over sales. 1 Detailed analysis on Indonesia market will help understand whether further investment would increase sales or itwould be waste of money and promotional effort.

SWOT ANALYSIS Table 1Strengths WeaknessGillete. Porters Five Forces and a SWOT analysis are used to provide more in depth information.

Gillettes current marketing strategy is also reviewed. with reference to the 4Ps: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Gillette Indonesia boasted 48% of the market share.

Gillette expected to capture 50% of the market share in through a %.

Gillette indonesia swot analysis
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