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During the four day session from June 24th to 27th, Gene cut sixteen tracks including "Bluejean Bop" which became not only the title of his first album, but also the A-side of his third single and which, like "Be-Bop-A-Lula," also went Gold. He changed his name to Gene Vincent and formed a rockabilly band, Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps a term used in reference to enlisted sailors in the U.

Throughout the Summer of Gene was able to capitalize on the success of "Be-Bop-A-Lula" to the extent that the failure of his second single "Race With The Devil" was of little consequence. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The real story still remains in question. Gene got his first guitar at the age of Vincent and His Blue Caps soon gained a reputation playing in various country bars in Norfolk.

Williford came back and exited again before Johnny Meeks joined the band. It was back to England one last time in mid-September of Gene and vincent after the Weiser apartment tapings. He never saw combat but completed a Korean War deployment.

Billed as Gene Craddock and Gene and vincent Virginians, Vincent became a local recording star singing in live shows and radio.

Vincent moved to Britain where he was a cult figure in and remained there for a decade when he returned to America in with a new record deal and enjoyed a brief revival amongst the hippy teenagers in California who revered him as a legend. It is a fact, though, that Sherriff Tex Davis did sign a bewildered Gene Vincent to a management deal and later did co-write songs with Gene.

Inhis band, the Blue Caps, were retroactively inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by a special committee, alongside Vincent. I was in such a state of shock that I though nothing was wrong with me.

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Vincent was bucking the odds by entering professional music in the first place. Vincent was able to sing in the movie "Woman Love" after the wardrobe department hid the cast under his jeans and painted the toe of the cast to resemble a shoe. About that time early September, Ron Weiser of Rolling Rock Records, was curiously asking a local record store owner if she knew anything about Gene Vincent.

Four young lads from Liverpool were beginning to make an impact and by the time Capitol released "Crazy Beat" in the UK inthe Beatles had already chalked up three No. He had been married four times and was a reputed hard drinker which most likely caused his death. By the end of the month, with the DJs primarily giving airplay to the "Lula" side, the record had sold overcopies.

The injury would never heal properly and he spent the rest of the year in a brace. Later he moved to Los Angeles where he only found low paying jobs.

Shortly thereafter he heard an up and coming singer named Elvis Presley and decided on a singing career of his own. Gene and the Blue Caps recut the three numbers that had been sent to Nelson as demos plus a Jack Rhodes song previously recorded by Jimmy Johnson on Starday.

Gene returned to the US on the strength of a hoax telegram informing him of the death of his daughter Melody Jean.

Gene Vincent

Shortly after the later sessions Lipscomb, Peek and Facenda left to pursue solo careers. Facenda was a good looking kid of Italian decent who quit school to go on the road with Gene.

He was discharged from the navy in and was in and out of the hospital most of that year. This show featured country stars: Any number of ex-managers, ex-wives and weird business associates ate Gene and vincent his royalties, and the need to return to work loomed large.

These were released on a compilation album of tribute songs, including "Say Mama", by his daughter, Melody Jean Vincent, accompanied by Johnny Meeks of The Strangers on guitar. His accompanying band, Sounds Incorporateda six-piece outfit with three saxophones, guitar, bass and drums, went on to play with the Beatles at their Shea Stadium concert.

It was, in fact, the last Blue Caps recording session. Brilliant follow-ups like "Race With the Devil," "Bluejean Bop," and "B-I-Bickey, Bi, Bo-Bo-Go" failed to click in nearly as big a way, although these too are emblematic of rockabilly at its most exuberant and powerful.

He was released from the navy and was to spend the rest of in and out of the hospital. In December he went to England where he was met as a hero. So Gene Vincent had a new and wilder band and new more efficient management.

Three years later, while still in the navy, he had a motorcycle accident. Gene acquired his first guitar at the age of 12 when he was visiting a friend in West Virginia who had a guitar-playing sister. The name was never to be used again.

This led to a tour of Japan. In he toured South Africa. Although he had not had a major UK hit for over three years, a cult following had grown in Britain based largely on the images conjured up by his many previous Capitol LP, EP and single releases all superbly packaged with cover photographs depicting a wild and tortured American rocker.BIOGRAPHY.

Like so many of his contemporaries in rock 'n' roll, the young Gene Vincent served an apprenticeship amidst a poor community in the deep South, integrating his country music roots with the rhythms of R&B.

Vincent Eugene Craddock, born February 11,showed his first real interest in music while his family lived in Munden Point, VA, near the North Carolina line where they ran an. Gene Vincent, Soundtrack: Wild at Heart.

Rock 'n' roll pioneer Gene Vincent was born Eugene Vincent Craddock (Vincent Eugene according to some biographers) on February 11, in Norfolk, Virginia.

He quit school at the age of 17 to join the Navy. His naval career was ended following a motorcycle accident while on shore leave in Shortly thereafter he heard an up and coming singer.

Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps Clockwise from the top Jack Neal, Dickie Harrell, Gene Vincent, Willie Williams, Cliff Gallup. One of the most engaging, if tragic, figures in rock and roll history, Gene Vincent personified the wild, lusty, lower class side of the music as a touring artist.

Vincent Eugene Craddock (February 11, – October 12, ), known as Gene Vincent, was an American musician who pioneered the styles of rock and roll and top ten hit with his Blue Caps, "Be-Bop-A-Lula", is considered a significant early example of was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Buy products related to gene vincent products and see what customers say about gene vincent products on FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Singer. Born Vincent Eugene Craddock to Ezekiah Jackson Craddock and Mary Louise Craddock He grew up in Norfolk, Virginia.

Gene got his first guitar at the age of He dropped out of school to join the navy in Three years later, while still in the navy, he .

Gene and vincent
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