Essay question discuss how to answer

You must omit all minor details and focus mainly on the key facts. Have these issues and facts been examined differently by other scholars? This outline does not have to be detailed. Conclude by stating clearly how far you are in agreement with the original proposition.

You need to use important debates and evidence to look in depth at the arguments for and against, as well as how the parts interconnect.

Clarify Literally make something clearer and, where appropriate, simplify it. In such answers, you need to present your evidence in a convincing way, demonstrating good reasons for adopting your position.

Evaluate When answering this essay question word, the key is to provide your opinion or verdict concerning the extent to which an argument or set of research findings is accurate.

Hopefully, our guide has shown you how to do this expertly. Define Here, you must outline the precise meaning of the subject of the question. In explanatory answers it is important that you demonstrate a clear understanding of a research topic or argument.

When you first get your essay question, always try to understand exactly what the question means and what it is asking you to do. Review answers should not be purely descriptive; they must demonstrate a high level of analytical skill. Your writing should have clarity so that complex procedures or sequences of events can be understood, defining key terms where appropriate, and be substantiated with relevant research.

It is important to identify key words and phrases in the topic. Provide evidence taken from a wide range of sources which both agree with and contradict an argument. Highlight any limitations to your argument and remember to mention any counterarguments to your position. Ensure that your analysis is balanced by shedding light on, and presenting a critique of, alternative perspectives.

Make sure you understand the meaning of key words in an essay question, especially Task words.

Essay terms explained

Highlight the key words and if possible, make a very basic draft outline of your response. When answering such questions, it helps to imagine you are writing for someone who knows absolutely nothing of the subject. Contrast Similar to compare but concentrate on the dissimilarities between two or more phenomena, or what sets them apart.

It is imperative that you provide the main points only and any important supplementary information as opposed to focusing on the minor details.

Essay term Definition Analyse Break an issue into its constituent parts. Provide your opinion on the extent to which a statement or research finding is true. The key is to get all the main facts across to the reader in as punchy and succinct a manner as possible.

Print to PDF Answering Assignment Questions In order to decide how to answer an essay question, you need to identify what the question requires in terms of content and genre.

Answering Assignment Questions

This guide outlines some methods to help you analyse essay questions. In addition, always remember to back any claims with academic research. In other words, this word requires you to break the essay topic down into its fundamental parts.

What have other scholars said about the subject? Assess Weigh up to what extent something is true.The chart below outlines 4 main types of essay questions, the verbs/cues that indicate the type of essay question and its purpose, and the strategy to be used to answer it.

EXPLAIN, DISCUSS (Main ideas and Major supporting points) è e xplain in detail, based on the HOW TO ANSWER AN ESSAY QUESTION Helpful Hints: Read the.

Sep 05,  · A strong essay question answer should provide a relevant answer while also displaying your knowledge of a subject.

In answering essay questions like "analyze, discuss, explain, etc.", is it right to structure my answer in a form of: introduction, body, and conclusion?

This version of How to Write a Good Answer to 84%(). 29 rows · Essay terms explained Study guide To write a good essay, you firstly need to have a clear understanding of what the essay question is asking you to do.

Looking at the essay question in close detail will help you to identify the topic and ‘directive words’ (Dhann, ), which instruct you how to answer the question. Understanding the. Jul 25,  · How to Write a Discussion Essay. A discussion essay, also known as an argumentative essay, is one where you take a position on an issue.

Discuss; Expert Reviewed. How to Write a Discussion Essay. Four Parts: Planning Your Essay Writing the Introduction Composing the Body of Your Essay Concluding Your Essay Community 65%(22).

Analyse, Explain, Evaluate… 22 essay question words and how to answer them

Answering essay “Discuss” questions Learning Outcome: The aim of this activity is to help you to write discuss style essays that are asking for argument. In exams there are often essay-style “Discuss” questions.

These expect answers that are It starts with an answer to the question that may be drawn. Once the type of question is determined, an essay style answer is constructed using the proper type of supporting material.

It is a good idea to make an outline for an answer, and jot down a few key phrases on a piece of scrap paper or in the exam margins prior to writing on the sheet that is turned in to be graded.

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Essay question discuss how to answer
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