Dissertations on small group tutoring

Based on the results of this study, it is important to note that STEM teachers and educators are recommended to use and implement any of the various small-group pedagogies and methods e. Contacting STEM researchers who are involved in STEM research to identify In sum, the team included in this meta-analytic review both published and unpublished sources to minimize the possibility of publication bias.

First, by combining the effect sizes extracted from all the STEM primary studies, an overall effect size across all studies were calculated and tested for Dissertations on small group tutoring significance using the basic unconditional Hierarchical Linear Model via the HLM6 software.

Journal of Statistics Education, 22 1. This keeps all students engaged. For example, the technology primary studies had a weighted average effect-size of 0.

Although small group instruction is likely a very powerful tool to enhance the reading success of many children with LD, it is unlikely to be sufficient for many students. First, by combining the effect sizes extracted from all the STEM primary studies, an overall effect size across all studies was calculated and tested for statistical significance using the basic unconditional Hierarchical Linear Model via the HLM 6 software.

In addition, if a study reported the grade distribution of the scores and not the summary statistics, then the summary statistics and the effect sizes were calculated from these distributions.

As classrooms become more diverse, teachers need to vary their grouping practices during reading instruction. Thus, primary studies that focused on subject matters such as business and education were excluded.

Then, the unbiased effect sizes were calculated by multiplying the effect sizes by the bias-correction factor, which is a function of sample sizes Hedges and Olkin, ; Kalaian and Kasim, This study examined the reading fluency influence on 73 Hispanic second and third grade students while receiving reading fluency support from middle school Hispanic tutors.

Available Online at www. Think-Pair-Share was described by McTighe and Lyman as a procedure for enhancing student engagement and learning by providing students with opportunities to work individually and then to share their thinking or work with a partner.

Implications for practice The implications for practice of one-on-one instruction are in many ways the most difficult to define because although there is universal agreement on its value, very little is known about its effectiveness for students with LD relative to other grouping formats.

Meta-analysis methods provide many advantages to researchers and policy makers for policy and decision-making purposes. Second, conditional Hierarchical Linear Modeling analyses were performed to investigate the extent to which study features moderated the effect sizes using HLM moderator analyses Kalaian and Kasim, ; Raudenbush and Bryk, The Elbaum and colleagues report revealed that the magnitude of the effects for peer pairing differed considerably depending on the role of the student within the pair.

Furthermore, our results show that a small number of primary studies in engineering and technology disciplines were implemented to assess and disseminate the results of the effectiveness of various forms of small-group learning methods compared to lecture-based instruction.Walden University ScholarWorks Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies Collection Teachers'.

Depending on subject area, sessions are provided in one-on-one or small-group settings. Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes long, and students are limited to four sessions per week, per subject area.

The Relationship Between Final Grades and Tutoring Methods of At-risk College Freshmen by Valeria A.

The Effects of Using a Small Group Reading Intervention with K-2 Struggling Readers

Russ M, Webster University, group tutoring, one-to-one tutoring, peer tutoring, and professional tutoring. This study A small private college in a rural area saw a need to enroll students who were.

Effectiveness of Active Small-Group Instruction Compared to Lecture-Based Instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) College Classes. Poster presented at the Principal Investigator (PI) meeting of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) REESE program.

Grouping Students Who Struggle With Reading

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Dissertations on small group tutoring
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