Different reasons people comunicate and how

A visual impairment A speech or language impairment Illness or disability — Illness can cause difficulties in understanding both sides of communication. A loud and direct tone would not suit a situation where an individual had encountered an embarrassing problem, such as wetting themselves.

More Essay Examples on Communication Rubric Good communication can result in effective sharing of information. Make sure use the right form of communication and if its confidential then choose the right place to communicate.

The use of sign language or picture cards may be used to communicate. Learning Disability- A learning disability mean that young person has a level of understanding which can affect communication.

There are times when additional support is needed to aid communication. Orientation — Your body position gives out a different impression if you are sitting opposite them or side by side.

People from different backgrounds may use communication to express how they feel in different ways, for example, Italians are very verbal when they speak, they also use their hands and gesture to make their point. Some children may be in a loud, noisy home while others may have a family that is quiet.

To gain knowledge of a persons situation. Face could show wide range of emotion from happy, optimistic, joyful to aggressive, anxious, sad and negative.

Identify different reasons people communicate?

Example is when we fail to inform a co-worker that you are running late in other to get someone else to cover before getting there. To ensure effective teamwork and continual care of the children we must communicate well by keeping each other informed and aware of current situations going on around us.

Different cultures have different assumption about how close people should be.

Different Reasons Why People Communicate.

Be perceptive to their body language, they will give cues to you if they need you to be closer or if you are invading their personal space. There are services available to individuals that need this extra support: Influence have even our environment and people from around us.

This can also aid during times of transition, if the child is new to the setting or dealing with transitions at home. We will write a custom essay sample on 1. Confidentiality is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information wikipedia Confidentiality involves keeping information safe and only passing it on were there is right to it and a clear need to do so.

People want to make emotional or behaviour change in others, want to change theirs behaviourtheir feelings.Different reasons why people communicate. Communication will take place between adults or children. In a setting good communication is essential to ensure continual care and supervision of.

Identify the different reasons people communicate SHC Explain how communication affects relationships in the work settingSHC Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication?SHC Explain how people from different backgrounds may use and/or interpret Communication methods in different ways?SHC Identify barriers to effective.

Essay Identify the Different Reasons People Communicate Words Jan 31st, 3 Pages I am of the opinion that as a child practitioner an essential part of our work role will involve actively seeking to evolve and where apt build relationships.

Identify the Different Reasons People Communicate Essay

Identify the Different Reasons People Communicate. 1 - Identify the Different Reasons People Communicate introduction. The reason than people communicate * To build relationships with others, this can start with a greeting to engage an individual in a setting.

Identify different reasons why people communicate • Communication is a tool with which influence can be exercised on others. • Communication can be used to bring out changes in attitudes, motivate people and establish and maintain relationships. Different reasons why people Communicate Essay Sample Different reasons people communicate: There are different reasons why people communicate in work settings which are listed below.

Different reasons people comunicate and how
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