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Showing that the staff still has authority. School lunches can get to be very expensive and under portioned sometimes. Offer off-campus lunch to those with adult status.

Argument against open campus lunch policy Essay Sample

But she is also responsible for being in class on time. Another example is Michael, a sophomore who wants to follow the trend of going to Del Taco like everyone else in the school. This unfortunate and rather gruesome incident leads me to believe that open campus lunch policy causes disruption among people.

Incidents like this not only occur between teachers and students, but they also happen between students. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Argument against open campus lunch policy

Unfortunately for Charles, a cop stops him and gives the foolish lawbreaker a big, fat speeding ticket for going way over the speed limit and driving on the wrong side of the road. Of course, like Charles, a police officer catches her and gives her a speeding ticket.

Independence is an important milestone for young generations. Their lifelong friendship is now shattered just because of a little incident caused by the lunch policy. It is rather heartbreaking to see Carrie and Jim, who have been best friends their whole lives despite their age differences, act bitter with each other.

More essays like this: Sooner or later, if this policy is activated, the streets around the campus would form a mass of traffic dump. With longer lunch periods the students would be able to go to their house and pick up any forgotten items.

By closed campus lunch essay writer means, the open campus lunch policy disrupts not only the students, but everyone else around them. The fact remains that open campus lunch policy foments arguments between individuals.

Also, junior and seniors desperately need more independence. With more places to eat, Montgomery County would grow, because of our newfound places to eat and money being spent on food.

Adopting the open campus policy could benefit the community as well. Not only would this new found freedom allow upper class students to eat where they want, instead of the not so tasty food that the school provides; but it would also encourage responsible social contact.

Since most of the students in her class are too young to drive to lunch, their jaws drop as she walks in the class with her Caramel Frappuchino.

Although the owner of the restaurant thought that Jennifer and her friends looked young, he suspected nothing. Surely, poor Michael has reached a dotage. With two years of high school under our belts, we should be eligible to leave campus during appropriate times, like during lunch.

Of course, by the time that Michael goes to his class, he is already late. Say a student does not have computer access at home, they would be able to go to the library at lunch and type their assignments, finish any computer work, print something, or do some research for a project.

Giving students the ability to eat lunch with any of their friends despite the lunch period. Montgomery Independent School District should reconsider their closed campus lunch policy. Each lunch period is around 25 minutes long and the students must wait in long lines to get their food and when they sit down to eat they must eat quickly which can result in stomach aches.

Sadly, none of them survived. They start to fuss over her and thus disrupting the class. Caught between the joy of choosing whatever one wants to eat and the responsibility of being in class on time, a student will do whatever it takes to achieve both.

More money in Montgomery County, more places to eat, and longer lunch periods, are a few reasons why open campus lunch would be a better alternative. Indeed, the examples show the breaking up between two individuals caused by open campus lunch policy. Charles then tries to drive through the enormous number of cars, all of whom are students under the same situation as Charles.

There needs to be a change in the lunch policy and it needs to start with longer lunch periods, and open campus lunch.

Open Campus Lunch

After many cups of that strong liquor, Jennifer discovered that lunch was almost over and they were going to be late to Physics. Junior and Seniors are in a good position to leave school grounds on certain circumstances. Since all of them loved Japanese food, they decided to go to Tempura House, which was only two minutes away from their school, Loyal High School.

A similar example of a student troubled by the great number of cars is the case of Amy. Instead of three lunches, if we only had one lunch and it was much longer, then that would give students time to go eat, pick up what they need to pick up, and finish anything they might need to finish.

His teacher is furious and thus gives him detention.The writer then list the considers the disadvantage of a closed campus lunch. There are fights over chairs.

The writer suggests that if campus were 1/5(1). Open campus lunch is a controversial topic that can often be “swept under the rug” so to speak. Schools often have closed campus lunch because an open campus lunch runs the risk of after lunch truancies, but there are many benefits to open campus lunch they may not realize.

More money in Montgomery County, more [ ]. Should High School Students have an Open Campus Lunch? Essay Sample. Should High School Students have an Open Campus Lunch?

High school students should have the option weather or not they can leave campus for lunch. Why a closed campus at high school lunch is safest enacted a district-wide closed campus lunch policy that was implemented on the first day of the school year.

student rights earned. My name is Diana V. I am a student at Foothill High School and I am writing an essay on whether or not high schools should have an open lunch campus. closed campus policy as one that does not allow any OPENCAMPUSLUNCHPOLICYDECISION-MAKERS Open and closed campus policies can be set at the state level by a state board of education or by the state’s education ultimedescente.comlly, policies are set at closed campus lunch policies must be examined.

Closed campus lunch essay writer
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